Lung cancer occurs most often in people over 50 who have a long history of cigarette smoking. READ MORE

Lung Cancer Kills an Alarming Number of Women — But There’s Hope

There are many misconceptions about risk factors and treatment options for lung cancer

Conditions & Treatments

Lung Cancer Report Delivers Good, Bad News

More Americans are surviving lung cancer in recent years, but very few people at high risk are getting the recommended screening.

Your Health

Nasal Swab Could Help Gauge Smokers' Odds for Lung Cancer

Could this help separate high-risk patients from low-risk patients? Learn more about the research.

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Lung Cancer Screening Can Detect Other Smoking Ills

CT lung cancer screening can detect other serious smoking-related conditions, such as heart disease, osteoporosis and emphysema.

Prevention & Screenings

Could a Blood Test Spot Lung Cancer Early?

Genetic blood testing is showing potential as a means of catching some early stage cancers, researchers are reporting.

Lung Cancer

New Treatments Tackling Tough Lung Cancer

Medical advances have led to "enormous" progress in treatments for the leading type of lung cancer, a new report shows.

Lung Cancer
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